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York is a prime location for property investment, characterised by its strong educational influence and significant strategic economic initiatives. The city's economy is fuelled by the continuous influx of talent from two major universities—the University of York and York St John University. This academic prowess supports key sectors like research, development, and innovation, positioning York as a leading knowledge-driven economy in the UK. Looking ahead, York is set to further its autonomy and local governance with the election of its first-ever mayor in 2024, enhancing its ability to drive local development initiatives.

York's commitment to regeneration and economic growth is evident in projects like the York Central development, which aims to transform underutilised land into a vibrant new residential, commercial, and cultural district, providing property in York city centre. This project, among others, is set to boost the city's economic output and provide new opportunities for investment and growth. These initiatives reflect York's strategic approach to leveraging its historical assets and academic base to attract modern industries and enhance the city's infrastructure. With the increasing demand for investment property in York, investors are presented with promising opportunities for capital appreciation and rental income.

Furthermore, York offers a vibrant lifestyle with a variety of attractions and amenities that enrich its community. From high-end shopping at the York Designer Outlet to a diverse food scene and extensive green spaces like the Howardian Hills and the North York Moors National Park, York provides an attractive environment for residents and investors alike. These aspects, combined with the city's strategic economic plans, make York an appealing option for those looking to invest in a dynamic and growing city. Whether you're seeking York property for sale or a buy-to-let in York, consider property investment opportunities in its thriving market.



According to Oxford Economics, the population of York has reached 206,180, which represents a steady growth of more than 2.5% over the last decade. The population is expected to continue to increase steadily and reach 215,610 residents by 2035. This growth trend indicates a demand for housing, making York property for sale appealing to investors.

Housing Market

From 2017 to 2023, property prices in York have risen by 29.2%, from an average price of GBP243,387 to GBP314,689. An additional 42.5% increase is expected to have prices reach GBP448,352 by 2035. York faces a persistent housing shortage, averaging only 368 new homes built annually between 2011 and 2022. This falls far short of the local plan's ambitious target of 877 homes per year, leaving the city with a projected undersupply of around 2,200 units by 2031. Moreover, the housing market in York is highly competitive, with homes selling significantly faster than in nearby cities like Leeds, Liverpool, and Newcastle. Considering these challenges, investment property in York presents a unique opportunity for investors seeking to capitalise on the city's constrained housing supply.


Since implementing a new economic strategy in 2016 and establishing innovation clusters, York's GDP has doubled since 2000, reaching GBP8.1 billion in 2023. Despite a setback from the pandemic in 2020, the economy is expected to grow by 56%, hitting GBP12.7 billion by 2035. Additionally, the average GDP per capita is projected to rise by 49%, reaching GBP58,728 within the same timeframe.


Properties in York are presenting themselves as compelling destinations for property investment, driven by their robust economic growth, strategic regeneration projects, and vibrant educational scene. The city's rich historical and cultural appeal, combined with its forward-thinking economic strategies, is catalysing its transformation into a dynamic urban centre. These elements contribute to a thriving property market characterised by high demand and significant investment potential, making York property for sale an attractive option for both domestic and international investors.

York's economy is on a trajectory for significant growth, with projections estimating a 56% increase in GDP by 2035, reaching GBP12.7 billion annually. This economic expansion is fuelled by strategic initiatives such as the 2016 economic strategy and the creation of innovation clusters that attract and nurture high-tech industries. These factors make York an economically vibrant city with promising investment opportunities.

York is a thriving educational centre, home to two major universities that draw over 30,000 students from across the globe. This student influx energises the city and sustains a steady demand for housing and services. The universities are integral to the city’s reputation as a hub of research and innovation, contributing to its intellectual capital and making it an attractive location for knowledge-based industries.

With a history dating back to Roman times, York is a treasure trove of cultural and historical attractions. The city annually attracts 8.9 million visitors, generating approximately GBP1.7 billion for the local economy. York's well-preserved architectural heritage and vibrant cultural scene—including museums, galleries, and theatres—enhance its appeal as a tourist destination and a place to live.

York is witnessing substantial regeneration, particularly through the York Central project, which is transforming underutilised brownfield land into dynamic residential, commercial, and leisure spaces. This development is expected to contribute GBP1.16 billion to the local economy and create over 6,500 jobs, significantly enhancing the city's infrastructure and living standards.

Despite new developments, York faces a housing undersupply, with the city planning to build 877 homes annually—a target set to address the growing demand but still falling short of needs. This gap between supply and demand has led to a 29.2% increase in property prices from 2017 to 2023, with further growth anticipated. The active property market, combined with York’s economic and cultural developments, positions it as a highly attractive option for real estate investors looking for long-term capital appreciation and strong rental yields.

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Our Track Record For York Property Investment

IP Global has recently expanded into the York real estate market with several new developments. One of these is Fifth Grove, positioned adjacent to St Nick's Nature Reserve & Environmental Centre. This development is nearing completion and features 48 one and two-bedroom units, each with either a garden or Juliette balcony, and includes parking. Additionally, closer to the heart of the city, we have introduced Marlowe House. This project is just a short distance from the major regeneration project, York Central, and consists of one-bedroom units priced from GBP190,000. These modern and spacious apartments boast top-floor views of York Minster, enhancing their appeal.

York Real Estate: Navigating History for Future Returns

Having wandered through the storied streets of York, I was amazed at a city that breathes history, from its Roman origins as "Eboracum" in AD 71 to weathering Viking invasions, earning it the name "Jorvik". York's narrative intertwines with significant historical events, playing roles in the Wars of the Roses, the English Civil War, and […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About York Property Investment

In February 2024, York witnessed a slight decline in property prices, with an average decrease of 2.9% compared to the previous year. The average property price dropped from GBP323,000 in February 2023 to GBP313,000 in February 2024. This downward trend was particularly evident in specific property types, with semi-detached properties experiencing a 2.5% fall over the year leading up to March 2024.

Despite the modest fall in property prices, York remains one of the most expensive places to live in Yorkshire and the Humber. The city's historical significance, cultural attractions and well-connected transport links continue to attract homebuyers and investors. In addition, the strong demand and limited supply of housing in York help to keep the property market competitive, and despite occasional fluctuations, prices remain at a high level and continue to grow in the long run.

Investing in property in York offers diverse opportunities across various areas of the city.

1. City Centre (postcode YO1):

  • The city centre is a vibrant hub with historical charm, bustling shops, and cultural attractions. There is high demand for short-term lets from tourists and students, ensuring steady rental income.
  • Average property price: GBP349,692
  • Rental yield: 4.6%

2. North York (postcode YO32):

  • Average property price: GBP355,612
  • Rental yield: NA

3. East York (postcode YO31):

  • Average property price: GBP£318,459
  • Rental yield: 4.4%

4. South York (postcode YO10):

  • Average property price: GBP£307,267
  • Rental yield: 4.9%

5. West York (postcode YO24):

  • Average property price: GBP£323,688
  • Rental yield: 3.9%

Yes, York's average monthly rent is increasing.

In March 2024, private rents surged to an average of GBP1,089, marking a significant annual increase of 13.2% from GBP963 in March 2023. This growth outpaced the rise in Yorkshire and The Humber, which stood at 7.8% over the same period.

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