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Investors looking to build on their investment properties portfolio can select from the property investment opportunities we offer, which are always of the highest calibre, combining quality builds with excellent local market potential.

IP Global Property Investments

IP Global was founded to source the best opportunities for buy-to-let investors across the globe. We do this by establishing robust market fundamental underpinning capital growth and building strong relationships with reliable developers. After rigorous due diligence, we financially commit to the projects we believe in, giving clients peace of mind that we are fully invested in their journey. We are able to walk our clients through the process, advising on the properties and markets that suit their property investment goals. As part of our end-to-end service we will then assist with mortgages, lettings and management as well as resales when the time is right culminating in an end-to-end service.

Why Choose IP Global For Investment Properties?

We have the market experience to safe-guard your investment. Our unique value proposition lies in our capacity to navigate global markets, providing a more diverse range of opportunities than other property partners. To date, we’ve successfully acquired over 6,000 units across 18 countries for our clients.

As a company that offers advice on investments of significant value, responsibility is at the heart of what we do. By making our own financial commitment, you can be confident that our forecasts and returns are well researched. Our track record indicates an average of 105% achieved versus forecasted yields, underscoring our responsible and conservative approach.

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22 Parkside


22 Parkside offers a modern selection of 16 one and two-bedroom apartments located in Leipzig’s lively Plagwitz neighborhood.

FROM eur 270,000 

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Visit our market research pages to learn about the investment case for each of IP Global's active markets.

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22 Parkside


22 Parkside offers a modern selection of 16 one and two-bedroom apartments located in Leipzig’s lively Plagwitz neighborhood.

From eur 270,000

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Thameside Manor


Offering the quintessential British countryside lifestyle, all within a convenient commute of 45 minutes to London or a 10-minute drive to Reading. Surrounded by Henley-on-Thames, Reading, Pangbourne, and Twyford, Sonning offers a serene yet accessible lifestyle.

From gbp 345,000

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Marlowe House


Offering modern homes just a stone's throw away from York city centre, Marlowe House promises to offer residents bright, contemporary living with a wealth of amenities right on their doorstep.

From gbp 190,000

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Curey Park


Curey Park is a boutique residence consisting of 9 studios and one-bedroom apartments in Leipzig’s up-and-coming Lindenau neighbourhood.

From eur 148,000

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The Stormont


The Stormont is a boutique collection of 8 new luxury homes in Oxford’s desirable Headington suburb.

From gbp 376,000

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Yves Quarter


Yves Quarter is a tasteful conversion with an added new build element in Berlin’s Köpenick neighbourhood. The one & two bedroom apartments offer access to a communal landscaped courtyard, as well as the benefit of private balconies or terraces.

From eur 325,000

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The Carrick


The Carrick is a new build development situated in the south-west of Edinburgh. On offer are 27 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments set across 5 floors.

From gbp 237,000

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Langford Tower


Langford Tower is a landmark development situated in one of the most sought-after postcodes in Sheffield.

From gbp 142,500

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The Bowen


The Bowen is a boutique residence consisting of 9 newly refurbished studios and one-bedroom apartments in Leipzig’s Mölkau neighbourhood.

From eur 157,500

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The Bailey


The Bailey is a modern development comprised of 104 one- and two-bed apartments situated alongside St Georges Park with views of Deansgate to the northeast.

From gbp 237,450

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The Boulevard


The Boulevard is a boutique collection located right on one of the city’s main northern boulevards, the modern development offers residents contemporary city-living with optimal connectivity.

From eur 217,000

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Waterside West


Waterside West is a collection of 108 contemporary apartments set beside Manchester’s historic Bridgewater Canal.

From gbp 228,800

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Property investment can offer several attractive benefits, including generating passive income through rental yields, experiencing potential capital appreciation over time, acting as a hedge against inflation due to its tangible nature, and contributing to portfolio diversification by its decorrelation from the stock market. However, it's crucial to weigh these advantages against the potential challenges, including ongoing management responsibilities and market fluctuations. Thorough research is essential before deciding if property investment aligns with your individual financial goals.
Property investment requires meticulous planning. Begin by assessing your financial readiness, investment goals, and risk tolerance. Conduct thorough market research, explore various investment options and seek professional guidance from a property investment company, property managers, and financial advisors. IP Global would be happy to give you a free consultation to answer any questions you may have here.

Develop a comprehensive investment strategy, including securing financing, meticulously selecting properties based on your criteria, and creating a budget encompassing all associated costs. Finally, conduct thorough due diligence involving professional inspections, legal consultations, and potentially partnering with a property manager for ongoing management, especially for first-time investors. Remember, property investment is a long-term commitment, and following these steps can increase your chances of success.
While absolute "safety" cannot be guaranteed in any investment, including property, you can significantly mitigate risks and bolster your chances of success through meticulous due diligence. This involves thorough market research to understand growth potential, rental yields, and vacancy rates, along with financial analyses to assess conditions, cash flow, and potential vacancies. Strategic decisions like diversification across locations, property types, and risk profiles, coupled with a long-term perspective, can further enhance stability. Finally, consulting with experienced property investment companies can provide invaluable guidance and insights throughout the investment journey.
From financing and acquisition through to lettings and management, our complete end-to-end service supports our clients through the entire process of international property investment. Every investor is different, with a unique investment strategy, risk profile and market interest. We won’t presume which elements of the IP Global proposition matter most to you, but we are confident that we can optimise property investment for you better than any other company in our markets.


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