Contributes 45% of Portugal’s GDP

Europe’s #1 city for Investment & Development Prospects (2019)

Europe’s #2 city for Capital & Rental Growth Prospects (2019)

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Why Invest in Lisbon Property?

The Portuguese economy has exceeded the Eurozone’s average GDP for the last few years, boosting both international and domestic demand. Operating as the capital city, Lisbon is the growth engine of the country and a primary location for overseas investment. It accounts for just over a quarter of Portugal’s population, but generates more than a third of the economic activity.

Lisbon’s real estate market has outperformed a number of cities globally, seeing a 98% increase in prime prices over the past decade. It is forecast to continue being a strong performer over the next 5 years whist maintaining great affordability in comparison to other capital cities, such as London which sees around double the prime prices.


6% GDP Growth (2021)


2.9 million population (2019)
0.1% growth p.a. to 2021

Unemployment rate

9.4% (2020)
forecast to drop to 7.1% (2022)

House Price Growth

48% (2015 - 2019)

Portugal’s Golden Visa Programme: 10 Common Investor Questions Answered

Portugal’s Golden Visa programme has become hugely popular among non-EU citizens looking to invest in Portuguese property.

Since the Portuguese government launched the scheme in 2012, it has generated an impressive EUR5.2 billion as of June 2020 in foreign investment and is a strong incentive for property investors worldwide.

But how exactly does the programme work and what makes it so popular among would-be investors? Check out our guide answering the top 10 questions…

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The Golden Visa Programme

One of Europe’s most popular visa schemes, Portugal launched its Golden Visa in 2012 as a residency-by-investment programme. Appealing due to its flexibility and benefits, the investor visa programme offers property investors the opportunity to gain EU citizenship in just 5 years for their family including dependent children.

As of 2020, there has been a surge to invest in property in Portugal. In May, the investment raised through this programme skyrocketed by 192% to €146 million , having almost tripled compared to the same month of 2019.

Download our comprehensive guide today to learn how to benefit from Portugal’s Golden Visa programme.

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