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Liverpool is a vibrant city known for its rich history, musical heritage (famously the birthplace of The Beatles), and passionate football culture. In recent years, it has undergone a remarkable transformation, with significant investment in urban regeneration projects.

Liverpool regeneration, coupled with a persistent housing undersupply, presents exciting opportunities for investors. Major initiatives like Liverpool Waters and the Knowledge Quarter are revitalizing the city centre and waterfront, attracting new businesses and residents. The city boasts a thriving rental market fuelled by a large student population and young professionals, offering strong potential for steady returns and capital appreciation on property for sale in Liverpool.



Liverpool has a population of around 484,488 according to the latest data from September 2023 provided by Liverpool City Council. It has grown 8.1% since 2010 and is forecast to continue growing 2.2% to 2035 according to Oxford Economics.


The latest available data as of September 2023 shows Liverpool's GDP at GBP14.2bn, GDP per capita at GBP32,841, the number of start-ups at 2,735, and business start-up rate (per 10,000 residents aged 16+) at 66%. Researchers at the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) forecast that employment level in Liverpool will grow by 1.7% in the final quarter of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. And by the end of 2024, Liverpool's GVA is expected to increase by 0.6% per annum, taking the size of the economy to £14.4bn. This is higher than all other areas in the North West. Manchester, for example, is forecast to have an annual GVA growth rate of around 0.1% and an employment growth rate of 0.6% at the end of the year. Overall, Liverpool's economic outlook is positive, with continued growth expected in the coming years.

Housing Market

Liverpool's housing market has seen significant growth in recent years, though at a slower pace than the national average. While data varies depending on the source, the average property price in Liverpool sits around GBP204,676. This represents a price increase of 3% over the last year. Price growth is forecast to grow more than 20% by 2035.


Liverpool regeneration is currently at its best, with major projects like Liverpool Waters and the Knowledge Quarter revitalizing the city and boosting its profile as an educational and innovative hub. This Liverpool regeneration, coupled with a persistent housing undersupply and an average flat sale price significantly lower than London’s, presents substantial investment opportunities. The city's vibrant rental market, driven by a large student population and influx of young professionals, further enhances its appeal, offering investors strong potential for steady returns and capital appreciation.

Liverpool is actively undergoing a transformative regeneration across several key areas, designed to rejuvenate its urban landscape and fuel economic growth. Major initiatives include the ambitious Liverpool Waters project, a GBP5.5 billion development aimed at revitalizing the historic northern docks into a vibrant, mixed-use waterfront district. This extensive Liverpool regeneration project is set to reshape 60 hectares and will create at least 17,000 full-time jobs and 21 million square feet of new commercial and residential floor space, thereby reconnecting the city center to its waterfront.

Additionally, the Knowledge Quarter (Paddington Village) is another GBP1 billion cornerstone project focusing on creating a hub for education, health, science, and technology. This initiative seeks to enhance Liverpool's global standing in innovation by incorporating new facilities for major educational institutions and the health sector, including a new home for the Royal College of Physicians. The area is poised to become a focal point for cutting-edge research and development activities.

The regeneration extends to the Ten Streets and Baltic Triangle areas, where efforts are concentrated on fostering creative and digital industries, enhancing the city's cultural and artistic offerings. These areas are being developed to attract startups and creative enterprises, complementing the city's traditional strengths and adding a modern, dynamic edge to Liverpool's economic landscape. The Liverpool regeneration projects collectively aim to not only improve the urban environment but also provide substantial opportunities for investment and development in the region.

Liverpool remains an affordable purchase market despite its growing population and ongoing urban development.  There is a consistent demand for housing, yet the city experiences an undersupply as new constructions lag behind annual housing requirements. This scenario underscores the significant investment potential, with Liverpool’s buy-to-let property market likely offering substantial returns on property for sale in Liverpool due to ongoing demand. For instance, as of 2024, the average sale price for flats in Liverpool was GBP157,469, considerably lower than London’s average of GBP530,390, according to Zoopla. This affordability allows investors to expand their Liverpool buy-to-let portfolios more rapidly compared to other UK cities.

Liverpool’s rental market is buoyed by its significant student population (approximately 70,000 students) and the influx of young professionals, contributing to a continuously strong demand for rental properties. IP Global’s properties in the city have seen strong rental return, with yields as high as 7%. This robust rental market, combined with the city's economic vitality and cultural appeal, makes Liverpool but-to-let properties an ideal opportunity for property investors looking for steady returns.

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Our Track Record For Liverpool Property Investment

IP Global previously invested GBP23 million in Liverpool between 2017 and 2019, though it is currently not an active market for us. The most notable projects during that period were The Levels and Quay Central. The Levels, completed in 2018, was a boutique residence set in a Grade II listed building, offering 33 one and two-bedroom units with a total GBP7.8 million. Our investors have realized impressive yields from this development. Quay Central, a high-specification new build, was situated in Liverpool’s Central Docks—a cultural and leisure hub. The project, which ranged in price from GBP136,000 to GBP218,000, was completed in 2019.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Liverpool Property Investment

A significant student population and popularity as a tourist destination creates a constant demand for rental property in Liverpool. Average price of a buy-to-let property in Liverpool is GBP129,172 with an average monthly rent of GBP801. This has resulted in an average gross rental yield of 7.44%, ranking Liverpool in the top ten of all cities across the UK.

In recent years, Liverpool has experienced an extensive urban regeneration and has transformed into a vibrant and dynamic city. The city has seen significant redevelopment projects like the Lime Street regeneration, which includes a new 412-bedroom student block, 30,000 square feet of commercial space, and a 101-bedroom hotel. This ongoing revitalization enhances the city's appeal and functionality.

Overall, the entry price of property in Liverpool is 61% cheaper than the UK average according to Oxford Economics. This means that Liverpool not only costs less to invest in than other areas, but also generates a greater return on investment. Experts predicted that house prices are expected to rise in Liverpool in 2024 - defying national predictions of a more affordable property market. However there have been issues with developments not completing to specification so it is essential to check the developer track record if buying off plan in Liverpool.

Average house prices in Liverpool have risen by 63.4% in the past decade. Mainstream capital values in the North West are forecast to grow by 28.8% over the next five years, which marks the highest growth rate in the UK. And Liverpool will be the busiest city in this region. However, its property market currently suffers from an imbalance between supply and demand. With demand for residential lettings continuing to grow, this imbalance has raised property prices and rental prices, contributing to high returns in the city. With an average house price of GBP180,000, an average monthly rent of GBP794 (an increase of 8.7% from the previous year) and a robust average rental yield of 7.44%, Liverpool has become a vibrant market with great potential for property investors.


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