• Home to #1 University in the World (World University Rankings 2024)

• Sees 9 Million Visitors Per Year

• Features Multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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Oxford is most renowned for its top-ranking university, which repeatedly attracts foreign capital and international students. This significant cultural hub in the UK boasts internationally acclaimed art galleries, libraries, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and museums such as the Ashmolean Museum—the oldest university museum in the UK. The prestigious educational institution also bolsters a robust local economy, fostering cutting-edge research across various industries and drawing top talent globally. 

Investment property in Oxford presents a promising prospect, benefitting from the city’s enduring appeal and demand from professionals, students and tourists alike.

Additionally, Oxford serves as a popular filming location, including for the Harry Potter series, and features major cultural spots like the New Theatre Oxford, established in 1836 with its large Art Deco auditorium. Annually, the city attracts approximately 9 million visitors who engage in a variety of festivals and events, energized by its substantial and vibrant student community.

Economically, Oxford property has demonstrated significant growth, with a 39% rise over the past decade. Future forecasts suggest that house prices may rise by another 42% over the next decade, exceeding the UK average. Due to limited housing availability and high prices, many have turned to renting, creating a strong rental market. From January 2017 to January 2024, Oxford's rental prices rose by an average of 3.82% per year, outpacing the national average of 3.74%.

Oxford Property Investment in a snapshot


One-third of Oxford's population is born outside the UK. From 136,600 residents in 2000, the population grew to 165,290 by 2023 and is expected to reach 179,230 by 2035, marking a 31% increase since 2000, largely due to its educational appeal.


Oxfordshire's disposable household incomes have increased from GBP38,180 in 2000 to GBP72,540 in 2023, a 90% rise, outpacing the UK average. Incomes are projected to grow another 53%, reaching GBP101,870 by 2035. This growth is driven by the region's low unemployment and expanding economy. By 2035, households in the lower income bracket are expected to decrease by 261% from 86,270 in 2010 to under 23,890, while those in the upper-income band are set to increase by 429%, totalling 154,690 households.

Housing Market

Forecasts suggest that from 2024 to 2034, house prices on Oxford property for sale will increase by an additional 42%, exceeding the anticipated UK average growth of 38% in the same period. While Oxford may not be the most affordable market, it is well-positioned for long-term capital appreciation.


Oxford, renowned for its prestigious university and rich cultural heritage, presents a compelling case for property investment. The city not only stands as an educational and research hub but also as a burgeoning market for real estate investment. With its robust projected growth in property values, a strong rental market, and economic resilience, Oxford offers investors unique opportunities. Here, we explore four key reasons why investing in Oxford’s property market is a strategic move for those looking to capitalize on long-term growth and stability

Oxford's housing market is projected to experience significant growth, with property prices forecasted to increase by 42% over the next decade, from 2024 to 2034. This rate surpasses the UK's expected average growth of 38% for the same period. Oxford's strong performance in property valuation highlights its robust investment potential.

Oxford's rental market is exceptionally strong, reflecting its limited housing supply and high property costs. Between January 2017 to January 2024, Oxford’s property rental prices grew by an average of 3.8% annually, compared to the national average. This trend suggests a consistently high demand for rental properties, making it an appealing market for buy-to-let investors.

Oxford is an economic powerhouse with a low unemployment rate of 4% in 2022, below the national average. The city’s gross value added (GVA) has increased significantly, with predictions of further economic expansion by 23% up to 2035. Its world-leading educational institutions, like the University of Oxford, contribute GBP15.7 billion to the UK economy, supporting over 28,000 jobs and highlighting the city's role as a critical hub for economic and educational activities.

Oxford attracts about 9 million visitors annually due to its historical and cultural significance, including being a filming location for the Harry Potter series. Its educational sector is bolstered by approximately 43,000 full-time students, enhancing its vibrant community atmosphere. These factors not only contribute to a dynamic local economy but also create a continuous demand for housing, benefiting property investors in Oxford looking for a location with both historical charm and modern amenities.

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Our Track Record For Oxford Property Investment

IP Global has recently ventured into the Oxford property market, motivated by the challenge of securing development opportunities. In partnership with Christchurch Homes, we launched a project featuring 8 bespoke apartments priced between GBP376,000 and GBP483,000 in the Headington area. We are enthusiastic about continuing our investments in this market as more promising properties become available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oxford Property Investment

Renowned for its famous university and historical significance, Oxford's real estate market offers excellent investment opportunities. Here's a breakdown of areas in Oxford that stand out to property investors:

1. Oxford City Center

Oxford city centre has a highHigh demand for rental properties due to its proximity to attractions, amenities, universities, and employment hubs. The area attracts affluent tenants, including students, academics, and professionals.

There is strong potential for short-term lets, particularly during tourist seasons, contributing to higher rental yields.

2. Jericho

This neighbourhood is known for its quaint streets lined with Victorian houses, modern cafes, boutiques and art galleries. It is where history meets modernity and offers a rich cultural experience. JerichoIt is popular with academics and young professionals as it is.

Within walking distance of Oxford city centre and conveniently close to the university campus and train station.

3. Summertown

Summertown is a cosy, upmarket residential area with excellent independent schools, restaurants and boutiques. Houses here (usually) have gardens and car parks, with a strong rental market driven by families and expats looking for quality housing.

Oxford's rental prices have grown, rising annually by 3.82% from January 2017 to January 2024, exceeding the national average of 3.74%. Oxford's attractiveness as an investment has grown in line with its strong rental market.

In Oxford City Centre, the average rental yield is 4.3%, with OX1 at 4.2%, OX2 at 3.8%, OX3 at 4.1%, and OX4 at 5.0%. 

Locations close to educational institutions such as Oxford University attract a diverse group of tenants ranging from students to academics and professionals. And the excellent location provides tenants with easy access to a variety of attractions and amenities, further increasing the appeal of properties in these areas and allowing landlords to charge premium rents and realise higher returns on their investments.

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