• House Prices Have Risen 183% Over the Last 20 Years

• 6th  largest nominal GDP in the world with a value of $2.83 trillion in 2023

• Home to over 160 universities with over 2.86 million students

Receive the latest insights and research on the United Kingdom real estate market by downloading the investment case below.


Property investment in a foreign country has its challenges, and the UK is no exception. At IP Global, we simplify the process for you - which is why we have developed ‘The Investor Guide’ series to navigate you through to completion. 

Our UK Investor Guide covers all the necessary legal and tax matters as well as the relevant acquisition and operating costs that come with real estate investments in the UK. Furthermore, you can expect guidance on the process of arranging mortgage finance as well as key information on lettings and management.


Home to one of Europe’s largest real estate markets, over the past 10 years there has been a robust case for property investment in the UK, with strong returns and long-term value growth.

With an extensive under-supply of housing and the gap only set to widen, buy-to-let investors are finding plenty of opportunities for real estate investment in the UK and strong capital growth prospects.

London, the iconic capital city, has always been a leading location for property investment in the UK and while it continues to be so, interest is also expanding to regional cities around the country. Sheffield, Manchester, and Birmingham are becoming some of the best places in the world for property investment thanks to considerable regeneration projects, increased connectivity, and promising growth.



As of 2024 the population is approximately 68 million and is forecast to grow to 70 million by 2035.

Housing Market

House prices in the UK have risen by 183% over the last 20 years. House prices are forecast to increase across mainstream residential markets by 17.9% in the next five years.


The UK is the second-largest economy in Europe, forecast to total EUR4.37 trillion as of 2035.

Why Invest in UK Property?

With the sixth largest economy in the world, the United Kingdom continues to present opportunities for property investors seeking to capitalise on the UK property market.

Property prices continued to rise during COVID-19 as people rushed to purchase due to numerous tax incentives and its nature as a safe and reliable asset class.

Although property price growth has now stabilised, the rental market continues to see unprecedented growth in the UK across major cities.

Throughout the UK, in all the major cities and their surrounding areas, the rental market continues to attract buy-to-let investors. Rental interest in the UK is at a record high.

According to Zoopla, the average UK rental price rose by 8.3% over 2023. With the country’s prevalent housing undersupply issue and no sign of the demand being met, rent prices are forecast to continue rising and the demand for more rental accommodation continues to grow.

On the other side of the furlough scheme and the impact the pandemic made on employment, the United Kingdom is now seeing a drop in the unemployment rate despite economic headwinds. 

The number of households in the UK’s lower-income band is expected to continue to shrink to 5.7 million by 2035. As more households benefit from more disposable income, more buyers are in a position to re-enter the market.

The UK has a continuous issue with meeting housing demand, falling short of supply since the 1970s

Between 2016 and 2020, the UK built an average of just 189,606 new homes per annum, meaning that over the 5 year period, the supply fell short by over half a million homes. 

In many regions of UK, demand for homes still outstrips supply. Falling mortgage rates are attracting property buyers back to the market. As a result, housing demand is at an all-time high in the UK with the deficit only growing.

Our Track Record For Real Estate Investments In The UK

As a truly international property investment company, IP Global helps investors add the strength of global real estate to their portfolio, with a particular focus on the UK property market, Germany, and Portugal. In our 15 years of experience, we have successfully entered 45 markets worldwide and invested over USD3 billion on behalf of our clients.

We ensure that our business operates with complete integrity and that our service delivery is entirely transparent. Our track record of this speaks for itself, having successfully completed over 6000 units and achieved 105% of our rental estimates since 2005.

Since 2009, IP Global has successfully made investments totalling just under USD2 billion in UK property and continues to look for opportunities in highly sought-after cities such as London, Sheffield, Manchester, and Birmingham.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Investments In The UK

The UK property market is excellent for real estate investments in the UK, with a reputation for resilience despite uncertain circumstances. This is largely due to the ever-increasing under-supply of housing which has led to continuous pressure on property and rental prices. The UK property market shows a reliable return on investment with average house prices estimated to increase around 45% between 2022 and 2035. With the growing population putting pressure on the undersupplied market, demand is higher than ever making now an ideal opportunity for investors looking to buy-to-let.

To find out more about the economic fundamentals that make a strong case for real estate investments in the UK, request the latest investment case.

The best locations for property investment in the UK depend on the specific market that investors wish to buy in. We have listings in London, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, Leeds and Edinburgh. London continues to be a lucrative option for those who wish to invest in UK property, however, we recommend looking into the growth potential of other major cities especially for investors looking for a value-play.

At IP Global, our end-to-end service factors into our client's expectations and we provide tailored options, covering the UK as a whole. A diverse portfolio presents a greater return on investment.

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During the pandemic, UK house prices saw huge growth, reaching their highest rate in a decade. Contributing factors were the measures that supported the economy, such as the furlough system as well as direct support to the property market with the reduction in Stamp Duty.

During the pandemic, there were enormous restrictions on construction activity, reducing productivity. Since the war in Ukraine, construction has picked up but there has been pressure on the cost of building materials and energy therefore the industry has seen further challenges. The backlog of housing supply from before the pandemic, on top of the current demand, means there is a huge undersupply of housing.

We have provided more information on the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the property market if you would like further insight.

While we can make predictions based on current data and use models to forecast figures, many factors impact the UK property market. We have written a guide that highlights some of the pressures that impact the UK property market today and addresses some key questions investors are asking.

Read our guide on investing in an inflationary surge or learn more about how to spot a housing market bubble

Want to Learn About Investing in UK Property?

Download our helpful guide on local laws, tax, mortgages, acquisition costs, lettings & management and more.

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Offering the quintessential British countryside lifestyle, all within a convenient commute of 45 minutes to London or a 10-minute drive to Reading. Surrounded by Henley-on-Thames, Reading, Pangbourne, and Twyford, Sonning offers a serene yet accessible lifestyle.

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