Sheffield: The Re-Invented City

• One of Top 10 UK cities to Run Startups (2023)

• Young and growing workforce with 30% under 30 years old

• 3rd highest number of university graduates among core cities

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Situated in South Yorkshire, Sheffield has undergone a remarkable revival since its post-industrial decline. The city's resurgence, fueled by large-scale regeneration efforts and economic initiatives initiated by the 1997 Labour government, has transformed it into a thriving modern cosmopolitan hub with promising investment opportunities. With a strong foundation in engineering and manufacturing, Sheffield's economy has flourished, nearly doubling in size since 2000.

Entering its third phase of regeneration, Sheffield is experiencing a surge in private sector-led growth, indicating a bright outlook for the city's future. Renowned for innovation, Sheffield has become a magnet for a diverse range of SME businesses, driving population growth among graduates and young professionals.

Currently boasting a population of 568,960 residents, Sheffield stands as the UK's fifth-largest city. This rapid growth has strained the existing housing supply, including that for investment property, leading to a significant shortage of housing. Projections indicate a shortfall of 11,328 units by 2035, resulting in rising property prices and creating an ideal landscape for investment properties in Sheffield.


Sheffield in a Snapshot


As of 2023, Sheffield is home to over 560,000 residents. The city's population has experienced an average annual growth of 2,365 inhabitants since 2000, and it is projected to increase by 3.8%, reaching more than 591,000 residents by 2040.

Housing Market

Sheffield's house prices have seen an impressive average annual increase of 13%. Over the next few years, property prices in the region are expected to rise by an additional 11.7% up to 2027.


Thanks to Sheffield's effective recovery plan, the economy has expanded by 136% since 2000, totalling over GBP17.8 billion in 2023. Furthermore, the economy is anticipated to grow by an additional 83%, reaching GBP32.6 billion by 2040.


Located within the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA), which includes the towns of Barnsley, Doncaster, and Rotherham, Sheffield stands out as the primary city and a major employment hub in the region, particularly for highly-skilled jobs.

Sheffield's economy has evolved, transitioning from a dependency on manufacturing and engineering to embracing diverse industries such as finance, healthcare, energy, technology, and digital sectors. Boasting one of the top 40 universities in Europe, Sheffield is rapidly emerging as an innovation centre. The University of Sheffield generates a steady stream of highly educated young professionals who fuel business growth and infuse fresh ideas into established enterprises.

With its well-connected location, the SYMCA has become an appealing destination for numerous companies to invest in. The region is now home to an impressive array of large-scale industries and collaborations with top firms such as McLaren, Rolls-Royce, Boeing, and HSBC. Sheffield's sizable population of young professionals makes it an attractive location for both large companies and SMEs looking to tap into a pool of talented and highly educated graduates.

Due to Sheffield’s explosive economic growth, the household incomes of its residents have followed a similar upward trajectory. By 2035, the lowest income bracket is anticipated to decrease to 38,560, a 70% reduction from 2010. Meanwhile, the number of households in the middle and upper-income brackets is expected to grow significantly, with increases of 68% and 1,015%, respectively, over the same period.

Sheffield has emerged as a magnet for students attracted by its cultural diversity and reputation for outstanding university education. The city is home to the University of Sheffield, ranked among the top 15 in the UK and 48th globally. Additionally, Sheffield Hallam University was recently named The Times and the Sunday Times University of the Year for Teaching Quality.

Ranked 60th in the QS World University Rankings' Best Student Cities, Sheffield boasts a sizable international student population. Of the 55,368 full-time students, 22% come from outside the United Kingdom, further enriching the city's vibrant and diverse atmosphere.

Sheffield's burgeoning population, driven by its large share of young residents, is fuelling a surging demand for housing, particularly in the rental sector. As 42% of graduates opt to remain in the city, Sheffield's student population ensures a steady demand. This younger demographic, possessing higher education qualifications, attracts businesses seeking a skilled workforce making Sheffield investment properties a lucrative choice.

Compared to neighbouring cities in the North, Sheffield offers an affordable lifestyle for young professionals, making it an increasingly attractive destination. The influx of residents seeking the city's thriving lifestyle and job opportunities further fuels rental demand. Sheffield's projected population growth will place added strain on the housing market as supply struggles to keep pace. Investors can expect strong price growth with Sheffield investment properties and rising rental prices as a result.

Sheffield's construction activity has struggled to keep up with the soaring demand driven by rapid population growth since the early 2000s. Between 2011 and 2020, only 7,600 housing units were added, bringing the total stock to 38,877 units by 2021. With an average of just 760 dwellings constructed per year over the past decade, the council's projected supply of 2,222 units per annum through 2039 is unlikely to be met. This has resulted in a significant undersupply of new-build, investment-grade properties in the city. A shortfall of 14,114 homes is projected by 2032, highlighting the persistent imbalance between housing supply and demand in Sheffield.

Sheffield's robust economic growth in recent years has fueled investment in numerous regeneration projects, positioning the city as an eco-friendly and modern urban centre. Consequently, Sheffield was ranked among the top 5 eco-friendly cities in the UK. Its most ambitious regeneration endeavour, the GBP470 million Heart of the City project, is currently underway and expected to generate 7,000 job opportunities by 2024.

The city is also a leader in energy research. The University of Sheffield's Translational Energy Research Centre, inaugurated in 2021, stands as one of Europe's largest and most advanced research and development facilities. This cutting-edge centre serves as a hub for academic and industry collaboration in the fields of bioenergy, zero-carbon production, carbon capture and storage, and combustion technology. This makes Sheffield investment properties a great choice for those who want to remain environmentally conscious.

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Our Track Record For Sheffield Investment Properties

IP Global has identified two exceptional investment opportunities in Sheffield for its investors: Langford Tower and Kelham Ridge. Langford Tower, located in the heart of Sheffield, offers sweeping city views and is a landmark development. IP Global has secured exclusivity on 97 units for our clients. On the other hand, Kelham Ridge is situated near historic Kelham Island, once a center of manufacturing. The area's old factories and workshops have transformed into trendy galleries and microbreweries, giving it a unique charm. With 84 units available, Kelham Ridge is expected to attract the growing young, professional, and student community. The combined investment value of these developments is USD24 million.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sheffield Investment Properties

Although house prices in Sheffield are currently more affordable than in Manchester, Birmingham, and Leeds, the market is expected to grow. House prices in Sheffield are projected to increase by 11.7% by 2027.

Sheffield investment properties are an excellent opportunity for wealth creation. With explosive economic growth and a rising demand for properties, the city has attracted numerous businesses and firms seeking to leverage its growing population and highly educated workforce. Although regeneration projects aim to address the housing demand, the supply is not expected to fully meet the need.

However, it continues to be one of the most budget-friendly locations in the UK for purchasing real estate. Sheffield's investment property market is an ideal choice for investors seeking a secure and profitable buy-to-let investment at a reasonable cost.

Rental yields in Sheffield vary significantly by postcode, making it difficult to provide an accurate average. In some areas, rental yields are as low as 3%, while others can reach over 6%. It is also dependent on whether the property will be let on a short-term or long-term model.

We offer free consultations with our experts to provide precise information based on comparable listings in the market ensuring you have an optimal return on investment.

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The city offers affordable housing and living costs compared to other major cities in the UK, which makes it attractive for both professionals and families. Additionally, Sheffield is home to two reputable universities, The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, which provide excellent educational opportunities. The city also boasts a vibrant cultural scene with various festivals, events, and a thriving music scene. With access to beautiful green spaces and the nearby Peak District, Sheffield combines city living with the advantages of a more rural environment, making it an appealing place to live in 2024.

The best places to purchase Sheffield investment properties typically include areas with strong rental demand, good transport links, and potential for capital growth. Some of the most promising areas for Sheffield investment properties are:

  1. City Centre (S1 postcode): With its high rental yield and proximity to universities, employment hubs, and amenities, the city centre is an attractive location for young professionals and students alike.
  2. Kelham Island (S3 postcode): A popular, up-and-coming neighbourhood with a mix of modern apartments and refurbished industrial buildings. Its vibrant atmosphere, trendy bars, and restaurants make it a sought-after area for young professionals.
  3. Broomhill & Crookes (S10 postcode): These areas are popular among families and students due to their proximity to the University of Sheffield, excellent schools, and local amenities.
  4. Ecclesall Road (S11 postcode): Known for its vibrant atmosphere, and numerous shops, bars, and restaurants, Ecclesall Road attracts young professionals and students. The area offers a mix of apartments and traditional terraced houses.
  5. Hillsborough (S6 postcode): This suburb offers a variety of housing options at affordable prices, making it an attractive location for families and young professionals. It also benefits from good transport links to the city centre and local amenities.


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