Voted best city destination in the world in (World Travel Awards 2022)

#1 European Capital of Innovation 2023 (European Commission)

Over 2.8 million tourists visited Porto in 2023 (Porto Tourism Board)

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Why Invest in Porto Property?

With one of the largest UNESCO world heritage sites and a globally recognized wine industry, Portugal’s thriving second city, Porto, houses 2.3 million people and accounts for just under a third of Portugal’s GVA.

Despite the global pandemic in 2020, the fundamental market trends in this region make for a compelling real estate investment case showing high capital growth prospects.


9% GDP Growth


1.7 million population

Unemployment rate

6.43% (2022)

House Price Growth

61% (2017 - 2022)

The Golden Visa Programme

Launched in 2012, Portugal's Golden Visa program offered a swift path to EU citizenship through property investment in just 5 years. In 2020, investments surged by 192% to €146 million. However, the "Mais Habitação Law" enacted on October 6, 2023, has ceased real estate category investments under the Golden Visa, altering the program's landscape.

No longer can investors apply through real estate avenues. For details on alternative European golden visa schemes, download our guide.

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Yes, buying property in Portugal has proven to be a good investment for several reasons. Portugal's real estate market has shown consistent growth and resilience, recovering from the financial crisis and navigating the COVID-19 pandemic successfully. The persistent growth in property demand, strong residential construction, and healthy rental yields continue to attract property investors.

As of November 2022, Lisbon apartments offer rental yields between 3.06% and 10.39%, averaging 5.59%, according to the Global Property Guide. Porto apartments generate returns of 3.43% to 6.73%, averaging 4.85%. In Faro (Algarve), yields average around 4.66%, and in Aveiro, they average 4.90%. These competitive yields and purchase prices make Portugal's property market appealing for investment, especially in European capital cities.

While Portugal's property prices are relatively moderate, it ranks 9th among European countries for the highest rental yields. However, in cities with higher rental yields, finding a new tenant may take longer if your property becomes vacant.

Acquiring property in Portugal for foreigners is relatively straightforward. There are no specific restrictions for non-residents seeking to purchase real estate in the country. Better yet, there’s no additional paperwork or eligibility criteria for buying a home. The only requirement is obtaining a VAT identification number, referred to as a número de identificação fiscal (NIF) or número de contribuinte in Portugal. This can be acquired by opening a Portuguese bank account or visiting a tax office within the country.

Our team of experts is committed to assisting you in purchasing a property in Portugal and guiding you through the entire process. To request our investment case or ask any questions, simply use our contact form. We'll be delighted to get in touch and provide the information you need to make well-informed decisions.

The best places to invest in property in Portugal depend on your investment goals, budget, and preferences. Some popular areas for property investment in Portugal include:

  1. Lisbon: The capital city offers a diverse range of properties, from historic apartments to modern developments. Its growing economy, urban regeneration projects, and strong rental demand make it an attractive investment destination.
  2. Porto: The country's second-largest city is known for its picturesque charm and thriving tourism industry. Properties in Porto can offer good rental yields and potential for capital appreciation.
  3. Algarve: This popular coastal region boasts beautiful beaches, golf resorts, and luxury properties. Investing in the Algarve can generate excellent rental income, particularly during the tourism season.
  4. Silver Coast: Stretching from Lisbon to Figueira da Foz, the Silver Coast is an up-and-coming area with a mix of traditional and modern properties. It offers more affordable options compared to the Algarve and is popular among retirees and tourists.
  5. Madeira and Azores: These archipelagos offer unique investment opportunities in a stunning natural setting, with a focus on eco-tourism and holiday rentals.
  6. Coimbra, Braga, and Aveiro: These smaller cities are experiencing economic growth and increased property demand, making them potential investment hotspots.

For further information on where to invest, our team of experts is readily available to share their knowledge and resources.

Portugal's Golden Visa program, which has attracted many foreign investors looking for a path to residency in the country, is coming to an end. The program allowed non-European Union citizens to obtain a residence permit by investing in Portuguese real estate or creating jobs in the country. However, on October 7, 2023, the new Golden Visa Program called the VPIAR came into effect and replaced the old Golden Visa program.

The VPIAR offers several new investment options to obtain residency in Portugal, with a focus on attracting investments that contribute to the country's economy and job creation.

Want to Learn About Investing in Portuguese Real Estate?

Download our helpful guide on local laws, tax, mortgages, acquisition costs, lettings & management and more.

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One of Europe’s most popular visa schemes, Portugal launched its Golden Visa in 2012 as a residency-by-investment programme.

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