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08 Nov 2023

Investing in property is a significant decision, and choosing the right location is crucial for long-term returns. York, a historic city in the north of England, offers a range of opportunities for property investors. In this blog, we'll explore three promising areas for property investment in York: Holgate, Tang Hall, and Bishopthorpe. Each of these areas have unique characteristics and will appeal to different types of investors.


One area that has been garnering attention for its investment potential is Holgate, a picturesque neighbourhood located just west of York's city centre.

Holgate York

Prime location:  Holgate, tracing its origins back to the 14th century, has seen remarkable growth since the late 1800s, owing much of this expansion to its close proximity to York city center. Among its historic treasures is the Holgate Mill, which dates back to 1770. While it ceased its corn milling operations in 1933, it stands tall today, operating as a flour mill and serving as a popular tourist attraction. The neighborhood also offers a host of other appealing attractions, such as the renowned National Railway Museum and a well-preserved Cold War Bunker.

Situated just a brief 10-minute drive from York city center, Holgate provides convenient access to the city's train station, offering connections to various parts of Britain. The area enjoys a robust network of public transportation, seamlessly connecting residents to the heart of the city via the A59 and serving as a vital entry and exit point via the ring road. Leeds is an easy 45-minute journey away, and the Leeds Bradford International Airport is conveniently located at a similar distance. Moreover, Holgate is on the doorstep of the stunning North York Moors National Park.

In addition to these amenities, Holgate offers delightful walks along Holgate Beck, while nearby West Bank Park and Hob Moor provide serene open spaces for relaxation and recreation. For those seeking more extensive leisure options, there are nearby attractions such as Clifton Park, Rowntree Park, and the world-famous York Racecourse.

Sports enthusiasts will find a diverse range of options, including the York Railway Institute Football Club, York Lokomotive rugby and hockey teams. The district is particularly appealing for families, as it is home to nine schools, making it a well-rounded community for residents of all ages.

Steady property value growth: Property values in Holgate have shown consistent growth over the years with the area seeing an average house price increase of 7% over the last 12 months according to OnTheMarket. This steady appreciation makes it an appealing choice for property investors seeking long-term stability and potential capital gains. The area's popularity and proximity to the city centre contribute to this trend, making Holgate a solid investment choice for those looking for sustainable property value growth.

Variety of property types: Holgate offers a diverse range of property types, from charming period homes to modern developments. This variety provides investors with flexibility in their investment choices. Whether you're interested in buy-to-let opportunities, flipping properties, or long-term rentals, Holgate's property market caters to a broad spectrum of investor preferences and budgets.

Marlowe House Featured Image

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Tang Hall

Tang Hall, an evolving neighbourhood located to the east of York's city centre, offers a range of compelling reasons for property investors drawn to its regenerative nature.

Tang Hal York

Investment potential: The Tang Hall estate, once designated as greenbelt land, was acquired by the City of York council in 1921 with the aim of providing quality housing for laborers. It lies to the east of the city and consists mainly of houses dating from the 1930s.It has been experiencing significant regeneration and transformation in recent years. This coupled with increased investments in infrastructure and amenities, bodes well for property investors as it has become a very popular location for international students due to its proximity to the University of York.

Student hub: The neighbourhood of Tang Hall offers a mix of housing options, local stores, and community facilities, making it a practical choice for those seeking a convenient and accessible place to live while attending the university. With a substantial student population in the vicinity, the area is ripe for buy-to-let investors looking to tap into the consistent demand for student housing. This provides an opportunity for investors to secure a stable source of rental income.

Affordable Housing Options: Tang Hall offers more affordable housing options compared to some other areas in York. According to Rightmove, the average selling price in the area sits at around £357,296 for a 3 to 4-bed house, a 5% increase from the previous year and a 20% increase on the 2020 peak of £271,071. Flats start at £140,000. This affordability makes it accessible to a wide range of investors, including first-time buyers and those with budget constraints.

The ongoing developments and improvements in Tang Hall signal a promising future. Investors who get in early on this area can benefit from the predicted growth in property values as the regeneration efforts continue and the neighbourhood’s appeal increases.


Nestled just south of York, the charming village of Bishopthorpe presents an attractive option for those looking to buy property in York.

Bishopthorpe York

Desirable Village Setting:

Bishopthorpe, a charming village and civil parish, beckons affluent residents with its picturesque setting just three miles south of York in North Yorkshire, England. Nestled by the River Ouse, this setting provides a beautiful canvas for the well-to-do inhabitants. The conservation status granted to Main Street and the Palace in 1989 underscores the area's historic and architectural appeal. With a rich history dating back to the Domesday Book and the first written record of its name in 1275.

Proximity to York: Despite its village feel, Bishopthorpe is conveniently located just a stone's throw away from York's city centre. This accessibility ensures that residents can enjoy the amenities and opportunities the city provides while enjoying the tranquillity of village living. For potential investors, this balance between a calming village setting and city proximity is a unique selling point.

Steady Demand for Properties: Bishopthorpe boasts a consistent and strong demand for properties. Its desirable location and limited housing supply contribute to the area's stable investment appeal. As reported by OnTheMarket, house prices have increased by an impressive 6.8% in the past year, emphasising the region's strong growth potential. Whether you're looking to purchase a property for long-term capital appreciation or as a buy-to-let investment for rental income, the steady demand in Bishopthorpe is a great choice for investors.

When considering investing in York property, it's essential to assess your goals, budget, and target tenant or buyer demographics. Holgate offers a mix of property types and is excellent for those seeking proximity to the city centre. Tang Hall is undergoing positive changes and is suitable for investors looking for growth potential and student housing opportunities. Bishopthorpe, on the other hand, offers a unique village setting and potential for both rental income and capital appreciation.

Ultimately, the best area for property investment in York will depend on your specific objectives and financial circumstances. However, with careful research and the right strategy, each of these areas can provide excellent opportunities for property investors. To find out more about your options in York, request a consultation here.

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