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Portugal is a high growth new market with excellent investment potential. However, there are also many complicated procedures to navigate which investors find challenging to tackle on their own. 

With the help of IP Global’s research team and investment managers, this investor guide was developed to provide clarity on some of the more complicated elements of the investment journey in Portugal.

Investor guide Portugal

Why invest in real estate in Portugal?

One of Europe’s oldest countries, Portugal has distinguished itself in recent years as an undeniable destination for investment, both on the European and world stage.

Property investment opportunities in Portugal remain a sought-after asset class in 2020. As is the case around the world, Portugal’s economy will contract in 2020 due to COVID-19, however, it is forecast to bounce back to 6% GDP growth in 2021. The current levels of FDI are impressive, with major investment in the housing market and Golden Visa programme. The growing employment prospects coupled with English being widely spoken, are further compelling reasons to invest in property in Portugal.


USD237.69 Billion GDP (2019)


10.5 Million (2019)

House Price Growth

12.2% (July 2019 – July 2020)

Portugal Shows Resilience in the Face of COVID-19

Portugal was the last country in Europe to register its first COVID-19 case, giving the government a valuable opportunity to make adequate health and economic preparations for the wave of the pandemic. The resulting mortality rate as of May 2020 is around 4% compared with over 15% in the UK and 19% in France. In essence, Portugal has managed to mitigate the effects of the global crisis putting itself in a position for rapid recovery long before its neighbouring countries…

To learn more about the Portuguese property market and how it has stood strong against COVID-19, read on below.

The Golden Visa Programme 

One of Europe’s most popular visa schemes, Portugal launched its Golden Visa in 2012 as a residency-by-investment programme. Appealing due to its flexibility and benefits, the investor visa programme offers property investors the opportunity to gain EU citizenship in just 5 years for their family including dependent children.

As of 2020, there has been a surge to invest in property in Portugal. In May, the investment raised through this programme skyrocketed by 192% to €146 million , having almost tripled compared to the same month of 2019.

Download our comprehensive guide today to learn how to benefit from Portugal’s Golden Visa programme.


Our Track Record in Portugal

As a truly international property investment company, IP Global helps investors add the strength of global real estate to their portfolio. In our 15 years of experience we have successfully entered 45 markets world-wide and invested over USD3 billion on behalf of our clients.

IP Global has 15 years of expertise investing over $3 billion across 28 markets for our clients. We have on average achieved 105% of our rental estimates upon completion and have helped arrange over 5000 mortgages globally since 2005.

Since 2019, IP Global has successfully invested over €16 million in Portuguese real estate and continues to look for opportunities in this resilient, high-growth new market.

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