Where to Invest in the Eurozone Post COVID-19

Saturday 21 August 2021

10 AM UK, 1 PM UAE, 5 PM HK & SG


網絡研討會 |在 COVID-19 之後的歐元區投資

The negative effect of the COVID-19 crisis has proven highly varied on economies and housing markets around the world. While some countries acted swiftly and effectively to contain the virus and protect their economies, others have fared far worse and are set to suffer from a severe economic downturn as a result.

Join our live webinar for an in-depth analysis of the Eurozone’s key economies and housing markets over the last decade, measuring the effect of the crisis thus far, and pinpointing which markets are now displaying the best investment prospects for the future.

Key topics to be discussed:

  1. An analysis of the Eurozone’s property market trend since the GFC
  2. Reviewing which European property markets have performed best and why
  3. Learn what immediate effects COVID-19 will have on real estate prices in 2020/21
  4. Understand why the strong market pre COVID-19 was not a bubble
  5. Pinpointing the Eurozone's most promising market and city for investment
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If you are Interested but can’t make the event,book a one-on-one with a consultant today.


Founder and Chairman | IP Global

Tim 是 IP Global 的基石,在 30 歲之前成功開發了 40 個投資物業的個人投資組合。 He founded the company in 2006 with a simple philosophy: to only sell properties that he's confident putting his own money into. This is now the basis of the company’s unique co-investment model.


Investment Manager (Germany) | IP Global

Eoin 是 IP Global 在德國市場的投資經理。 他擁有格羅寧根大學 (NL) 國際經濟和商業碩士學位,還曾在倫敦經濟學院學習房地產經濟學和金融學。 在都柏林三井住友信託集團工作後,Eoin 自 2017 年起一直在香港的 IP Global 集團工作。 自任命以來,Eoin 已採購併推向市場的 5 個投資級物業的 GDV 超過 6,000 萬美元。

William Page Mrics

Head of UAE and South Africa, Wealth Management | IP Global

從牛津布魯克斯大學獲得房地產管理理學榮譽學士學位後,威廉佩奇在該領域擔任專家近 20 年。 William 常駐迪拜,曾為主要行業參與者工作,現在是 IP Global 的財富管理總監,為客戶提供住宅物業投資建議。 威廉負責海灣合作委員會的工作,對低風險的歐洲市場有著豐富的知識。




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