Portugal’s Golden Visa programme is a government scheme which offers citizens of non-European Union countries and now British Passport Holders the opportunity to obtain residency – and potentially, citizenship – in Portugal once they have invested in Portuguese property.

The programme has been extremely popular for investors across the globe in search of free movement within the EU.

Thursday 4 February 2021

8AM UK, 10AM SA , 12PM UAE, 4PM HK & SG


網絡研討會 |最後呼籲高增長里斯本

A decision by Portugal’s Council of Ministers has been made to update the residency-by-investment programme in a bid to push more foreign investors towards low residency regions. Previously, investment had been concentrated to the capital city of Lisbon and the second city Porto. Going forward, investors are not allowed to purchase property in large urban and coastal centres to get the Golden Visa.

The new programme will be effective from July 1st 2021. IP Global offers investment opportunities in Lisbon for investors looking to take advantage of the Golden Visa scheme before the changes come into play. Join us for more details.

Key Takeaways From This Webinar:

  1. Portugal Golden Visa update
  2. Lisbon property market update
  3. Detailed explanation of Portugal’s 350k and 500k Golden Visa Programme
  4. Available investment opportunities to benefit from the 350k and 500k Golden Visa Programme
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財富管理總監 | IP Global(格蘭特的 CEA 註冊號:R027901G)

Grant 在支持客戶建立和最大化其投資組合方面擁有超過 18 年的經驗。 他於 2006 年加入 IP Global,自那時起為價值超過 2.5 億美元的全球房地產投資交易提供諮詢。


Investment Manager for Portugal and UK | IP Global

Stacey Cara Rohwer 是 IP Global 在葡萄牙和英國市場的專家。 她是負責葡萄牙和英國從初始採購、盡職調查和談判到最終收購的所有收購和投資的投資經理。 Stacey 擁有開普敦大學的理學學士 (BSc) 榮譽房地產研究學位,迄今為止,代表 IP Global 成功推出了超過 2.2 億美元的英國房地產和 1900 萬美元的葡萄牙房地產。


Partner, Co-Head of Real Estate Investment & Funds | ARISH Capital Partners

Rakesh Majithia is a partner at ARISH Capital where he co-heads the Real Estate Investment & Funds Division. Rakesh is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). Before moving to the hedge fund industry as a partner in 2010, Rakesh worked at a prominent investment bank, where he spent 10 years handling a variety of investment banking & real estate financing transactions.


合夥人,國際銷售和市場主管 | ARISH資本合夥人

Rosalia Torres 是 ARISH Capital 的合夥人,她負責銷售和國際市場部門。 她在西班牙和阿聯酋擁有 12 年的銀行業經驗,涵蓋房地產市場等關鍵行業。 她之前的職位包括西班牙南加泰羅尼亞地區經理和阿聯酋當地一家主要銀行零售直銷部總監。 Rosalia 的專長是通過房地產投資進行海外房地產諮詢和移民。 她還是 Alespanya Properties 和 Global Minds 的創始人,該公司通過跨境房地產投資為全球財富創造和第二公民提供解決方案。

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