We have the market experience to safeguard your investment.

As a company, we have over 15 years of experience in growing our clients’ wealth through intelligent property investment. As a result, our experts have the full skillset to guide you through all the complexities of international real estate while delivering strong returns. ​


Unbound by borders, we’ve delivered on opportunities to invest in 45 cities across the globe.​

Our unique value proposition lies within the desire and ability we have to navigate different markets across the world. In doing this we are able to offer a more diverse range of opportunities than any other property investment firm. To-date we have successfully brought to market 5,500 units across 18 countries for our clients.


We consistently outperform our projections year-on-year. We don’t make false promises.

A key aspect of our business model is our dedication to building lasting partnerships with the people we work with. We don’t want to simply sell you a property, we want to work with you for the long-term, to ensure you keep benefiting from the value that global real estate can offer. In order to do this, we have to be transparent and this commitment carries across our business. It is one of the reasons we’ve consistently been able to stand by our claims and investment predictions. ​

To-date we have achieved 105% of our rental estimates and continue to offer you investments with solid returns.


Because we co-invest, our financial success depends on yours.

As a company that offers advice on investments of significant value, credibility and responsibility is at the heart of what we do. We conduct global searches for the right properties and then put the investment case of each one through a comprehensive process of analysis and due diligence. When everything adds up, we invest our own funds and bring the opportunity to our investors. We only consider a project a success when you have the keys and a tenant renting your property. ​