Within carefully considered markets, investment in real estate has a well-deserved reputation for combining stability with excellent yields and returns, particularly over the long-term, where it often enjoys far less price fluctuation than alternative investments. The stability of property makes it the perfect asset class around which to build a strong and stable investment portfolio.


Creating a diversified investment portfolio has always made sound financial sense. Real estate offers opportunities, returns and a level of reliability that make it an unparalleled asset in which to derisk an investment portfolio.


  1. Steady returns: Safe-haven property markets offer reliable capital growth and regular yields
  2. Diversification and low volatility: Property assets are often less impacted by prevailing economic forces and retain their tangible asset value
  3. Assets to build on: Property investment can be utilised for income, tax planning, education funding and of course retirement planning.


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Capital growth

In a well-chosen market, property investment offers excellent prospects for capital growth. Real estate prices have historically increased in stable markets over the medium to long term, so you have every reason to build that growth into your investment portfolio.

London Holding Periods

Robust medium-term investment
Holding London properties over any five-year period has offered consistent profit.

For example, holding property in London for any period of five years or more in the last two decades would have put you into profit, even taking into account the Global Financial Crisis.

Over the last ten years, Manhattan property market growth has matched or
outperformed that of some of the world’s most prominent stock


Real estate offers the opportunity to maximise your investment capital in a way few other classes can. Leveraging your capital by securing a mortgage against the property enables you to achieve returns that would require a much higher level of personal funding with other investment classes.

Our preferred partners are typically able to secure international mortgages at a Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio of up to 75%, offering our investors the chance to take their available capital much further. Contact us if you would like to discuss international mortgage options further.

Tax planning

Many property
purchases can be intelligently structured to take advantage of tax
benefits that aren’t available for other investment vehicles, further strengthening your ability to maximise the potential of your available capital.

Property Portfolio

International investment opportunities

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