The Complete Zeitgeist 2018: The Smart Investor’s Handbook

04 Jul 2018

Paul Preston is the Global Head of Sales for IP Global and is responsible for managing the property investment firm’s global sales strategy across over 30 markets. He acknowledges that investing in property can be an intimidating process and finds that Complete’s educational tool, The Complete Zeitgeist can be useful for investors. Here is his review:

“When it comes to investing in property, there are certain terms that are necessary to know in order to ensure that you are properly prepared for the investment process. Our preferred lettings and management company, Complete, has created the ultimate guide of terms you’ll need to know to get through this process, their 2018 version of The Complete Zeitgeist. From appreciation to licensing, from right-to-rent to yields, The Complete Zeitgeist covers all the terminology you will need to know, from A to Z.


Many first-time investors are intimidated by the process of investing in property, especially in overseas markets, as they see it as being a difficult, time-consuming process. The Complete Zeitgeist aims to simplify this process by teaching buyers all of the terms they will need to know in advance so that they know what to expect and can understand the language being used. This saves them time, because rather than having to ask their investment partner what they mean when they talk about the UK’s non-resident landlord scheme they can be prepared for that conversation in advance.

Complete lays out the terms used throughout the investment process, from topics you’ll need to explore during the research stage like population, to other insights that you may not need to think about until a project is completed, like furnishings. By including terms used from start to finish, Complete empowers investors, allowing them to feel prepared for the entire process. In doing this, Complete educates their reader and gives them the skills needed to ask important questions about their investment throughout the property investment cycle.

By creating an all-in terminology resource for investors, Complete has given them a single source for information, taking out the need to search terms individually and ensuring that the definitions are in relation to property investment. A generic search of these terms individually may confuse potential investors, as many of the terms used in the property investment process are used in other industries as well, sometimes with vastly different meanings. If a potential investor was doing their own research on licensing, for example, instead of relevant information about property licensing they would be inundated with information about drivers’ licenses and food and beverage licenses!

The Complete Zeitgeist 2018 empowers beginners to think like seasoned property professionals. In creating this guide, Complete has produced a time-saving resource that provides key knowledge of the terms necessary to be a successful property investor.”

Download the handbook here: The Complete Zeitgeist 2018

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