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  • Leipzig’s population is expected to grow from 600k to 750k by 2035
  • The city’s economy is forecast to reach EUR37bn by 2035 (+75%)
  • House prices have increased by 55% over the last five years (2020)

Overview | Leipzig's Investment Case

It’s Germany’s fastest growing city.

Leipzig’s economy is forecast to expand to EUR37 billion (+75%) by 2035, having already doubled in size since 2000.

Leipzig has refocused its economy on five key business clusters in promising industries. These clusters have experienced the highest levels of employment growth since 2005 and form a robust platform for the diverse economy to innovate and grow sustainably.

House prices in Leipzig have increased by 55% over the last five years (2020).

With a mere 13,510 apartments completed in the decade up to 2017, the vacancy rate has tumbled from as high as 12% in 2011 to as low as 2% today. As a result, property prices have experienced double-digit capital appreciation rates over the last five years. Buying investment properties in Leipzig is still, however, twice as affordable when compared to Berlin and many other well-established cities in Germany.


Population as of 2020
+750,000 forecast by 2035


GDP as of 2019
+75% forecast by 2035


House Price Growth Rate
*5-year average

8 Things You Need to Know About Leipzig's Revival

Our specialty lies in finding pockets of value on a global scale. But in times of world-wide uncertainty, these are notably more challenging to source.

Europe’s strongest contender for crisis-resilience is, without a doubt, Germany. It has the largest economy in Europe with a GDP of USD4 trillion and operates as a renowned safe-haven for investment.

IP Global has been active in this market since 2008 and it has proven to be a very fruitful venture for our investors…

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Learn More About OUR investment projects in Leipzig

Located in the trendy neighbourhood of Lindenau, this modern development provides an enviable location in close proximity to Leipzig’s major employment and transportation hubs.

With prices starting from EUR245,000, all units have now been sold out. If you’re eager to learn more about investment properties currently on offer in this market, contact us below.

Discover Friedrich Haus


At IP Global, we scour the globe for the best real estate investment opportunities underpinned by robust market fundamentals. After conducting thorough due diligence on developers, we financially commit only to those projects we believe will deliver strong results and in return give our clients priority access to insights and opportunities usually only available to institutional investors.

This process allows you to rest assured that any investment properties you may buy in Leipzig have met the high standards set by our skilled investment managers and researchers.

To-date, we’re proud to have a very successful track record of achieving accurate forecasts and finding pockets-of-value in Germany. We have successfully invested over USD127 million across our 314 completed units since entering the country and surpassed our rental estimates by an average of 112%.

Our Properties in Germany

The Ambassador

Berlin, Germany

The residential tower is ideally positioned in the district of Mitte, otherwise known as the birthplace of...

From eur 210,000

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Friedrich Haus

Germany, Leipzig

Located just a five-minute walk from the bustling Karl-Heine-Strasse, the newbuild development Friedrich Haus blends seamlessly with...

From eur 245,000

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Ruststrasse 4

Germany, Leipzig

Located in the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Kleinzschocher, this modern development provides an enviable location in close proximity...

From eur 230,000

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