We foster strong ties with reputable independent financial advisors, private banks, wealth managers and other third party distributors around the world who are reaping the rewards of our leading property investment portfolio.

40% of our business is generated by referrals from our global distribution network

We provide a simple referral channel that increases their capacity to meet the investment needs of their clients in a specialist asset class. Our distributors benefit from a diversified product range and a value added proposition for their clients’ portfolios.

Over the years, we’ve built relationships with a large number of global independent financial advisors to the effect that, in 2013, some 40% of our investments were made by our distributors’ clients. 

Our open approach to working with distribution partners is most recently demonstrated by our agreement to become the exclusive property investment supplier of the deVere Group, the world’s leading independent financial consultancy


One of the major issues holding investors back from increased real estate investment is the level of complexity involved in the process, particularly when investing internationally.


From sourcing, financing and acquisition to ongoing management and resale, that’s where our unique end-to-endbusiness model comes in.

Many international high-net-worth investors already include property as part of their investment portfolio. Partnering with IP Global puts you in the best position to capitalise on this investment activity, in particular the benefits that only leveraged financial investments such as property can provide.


We believe in the opportunities we offer and want as many investors as possible to benefit from the potential of property investment. 

The relationships we therefore build with distributors are a key part in broadening our reach and we aim to keep the process for you and your clients as simple as possible. As one of our third-party distributors, you have the opportunity to generate additional revenue without the additional associated work.


A member of our Consultancy team will be assigned to manage the relationship and will be your point of contact with IP Global. They will be available to meet with you to provide comprehensive information on the products and services we offer.

They can meet with your clients if you choose, while our marketing team will provide a full range of informative and up-to-date supporting materials.

We're also able to work with you in co-hosting seminars to inform clients and drive interest. We  have a highly successful track record with such events, where clients appreciate the chance to learn more about property investment in a low pressure environment.