Partnerships are at the core of our business, whether in the close relationships we foster with our investors or the mutually beneficial arrangements we make with property developers and distributors all over the world. We couldn’t do what we do without the people we work with.


Complete offers a truly end-to-end service designed to remove all the hassle from property investment ownership. Their dedicated team benefits from years of experience in every aspect of running a property, from initial handover, interior design and secure letting through to tenant oversight and tax, insurance and legal arrangements.

Across every one of our markets they have a strong track record of investor satisfaction, encompassing high occupancy rates, competitive rental yields and the simplicity of ownership that is so important to overseas investors.

They recognise the importance of handling your property investment smoothly, allowing you the freedom to treat the real estate facets of your portfolio with the ease of any other investment asset so that all you have to concern yourself with is looking forward to excellent returns.

Liquid Expat

Liquid Expat is a leading provider of financing solutions to investors entering overseas property markets. Their long-standing partnerships with both major and specialist lenders enable them to source the most competitive mortgages terms in key markets around the world such as Germany, the UK, the US and Australia.

Liquid Expat’s team of experienced mortgage consultants work tirelessly to match mortgage-seekers with lenders. Unlike many of their competitors, they are a wholly independent brokerage working solely on behalf of their clients. They’re committed to sourcing financing that suits each investor’s unique profile and objectives, going beyond the traditional duties of a broker to deliver perfectly tailored solutions at every step of the process.