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Why Invest in Commuter Town Property?

Why You Should Invest In Commuter Town Property Near London 2021 has been a year of uncertainty for many prospective homeowners – but there is always opportunity in crises. After three successive lockdowns and in the midst of a largely successful vaccination programme, the effects of Covid-19 on the UK property market are beginning to materialise. Now more than ever, renters, homeowners, and buy-to-let property investors are looking further afield than “prime” London […]

What’s all the fuss about living in Sheffield?

2020 saw a monumental shift in lifestyles across the world, with nationwide lockdowns and remote work becoming the standard course of action in the wake of COVID-19.  A year since the start, it is no surprise that home-buyers and renters alike are looking for different priorities in a home. Developments with better in-house amenities, such as remote working facilities and gyms, are growing in demand, while the move towards more space and locations further from city centres is also seeing momentum. One such location drawing public attention is Sheffield in South Yorkshire.  During the pandemic, 2,127,740 searches were made on Rightmove for Sheffield, pushing it up to 7th place […]

How to Invest in Property to Secure Your Futures

    WEBINAR     How to Invest in Property to Secure Your Futures To register for this webinar, please submit your email address. Webinar | How to Invest in Property to Secure Your Futures The power of leveraging vs cash 2. Removing emotion from the equation 3. Why you should not just focus on yields 4. How to identify profiteering when researching what to buy 5. Liquidity and exit strategy tips 6. […]

How to Select the Right Property Investment Company | 4 Factors

If you are considering investing in property, a typically resource-heavy asset class, working with a property investment company can save you many headaches while still allowing you to maximize profits and diversify your portfolio. Whether you are a new investor looking for guidance and a secure way of entering the market, or you are an experienced investor looking for a hands-off investment opportunity, property investment companies offer a range of advantages for all […]

Webinar – Paid ad

Providing you access to sophisticated research and insights usually only available to well-versed institutional investors. SIGN UP NOW Do you want to be an intelligent investor? 10 Crucial Truths About Property Investment Learn the key insights your property provider won’t tell you that have helped thousands of investors worldwide. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST How to get your foot on the property ladder Only have $20,000 in savings? Learn how to leverage and maximise your investment […]

Intelligent Property Investor Series

Did you miss our webinar on the beginner’s guide to property investment? Download the summary below to learn the key factors that’ll make your first investment a success.  Do you want to be an intelligent investor? 10 Crucial Truths About Property Investment Learn the key insights your property provider won’t tell you that have helped thousands of investors worldwide. Register your interest below. WATCH WEBINAR RECORDING The Beginner’s Guide to Property Investing Designed by […]

The Resurgence of Newcastle

Famed for its industrial heritage and lively nightlife, today Newcastle upon Tyne is known for being at the forefront of the UK’s life sciences and green energy ambitions. It is now the 8th most populous urban area in the UK with approximately 1.6 million people.  As an affordable location attracting both public and private investment, exciting opportunities are emerging within the city and wider region.  Let’s take a look at some of the key initiatives and growth projects supporting the strong investment case for Newcastle’s real estate market.  What is […]

New Home

Creating wealth through intelligent property investment. We provide our clients with access to the best property investment opportunities across the globe and deliver an end-to-end service that guides them through every step of their international real estate investment journey.  VIEW TRACK RECORD VIEW INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES Experience. Reach. Transparency. Responsibility. Try to find a property investment company that embodies these values more than us. ExperienceAs an international real estate company, we have over 15 years of […]

Portugal Market

Portugal Get the latest news and insights on real estate investments in Portugal straight to your mailbox. Want to learn more about Portugal's property investment process? Portugal is a high growth new market with excellent investment potential. However, there are also many complicated procedures to navigate which investors find challenging to tackle on their own.  With the help of IP Global’s research team and investment managers, this investor guide was developed to provide clarity on some […]